SPS-2018: International Symposium and Workshop

Beginning in the early 1990s, every few years the international space solar power (SSP) community has come together to organize a symposium on the topic of the Solar Power Satellite (SPS). For example, SPS 2004 was held in Granada, Spain in Europe; then SPS 2009 was held at the Ontario Science Center in Toronto, Canada, and SPS 2014 was held in Kobe, Japan. Tragically, since then we have lost both the inventor of the solar power satellite, Dr. Peter Glaser, and the leading international champion of the SPS concept, former President of India, Dr. Abdul Kalam.

However, next year -- 2018 -- is the 50th Anniversary of Dr. Peter Glaser's initial invention and his first paper in the Journal "Science" on the topic of the Solar Power Satellite. This anniversary is especially timely.

In particular, we are at a turning point in progress toward realization of the SPS. Increased availability of affordable energy has never been more important to economic growth. And, it has never been more clear that the climate change represents a major threat to global security and prosperity. Moreover, as outlined in recent works (e.g., "The Case for Space Solar Power", 2014), the economic viability of SPS concepts in the nearer term (e.g,, within the next two decades) has never been more probable -- particularly in light of the dramatically reductions in the cost of access to space that are now occurring. And finally, the availability of affordable and abundant SSP has never been more important to advancing humanity's ambitions vis-a-vis the development of space resources for the benefit of humanity.

In light of the above, the SPS 2018 International Symposium and Workshop will be held during May 2018 in concert with the National Space Society (NSS) International Space Development Conference (ISDC 2018), which will be held at the Sheraton Gateway Hotel in Los Angeles, California, USA during 23-27 May 2018. Several organizations are cooperating in the organization of this event, including the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) Power Committee, the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA), the National Space Society (NSS), and SPACE Canada (a non-governmental organization (NGO) that is promoting international dialogue on the topic of space solar power).

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