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Space Canada Mission Statement

SPACE Canada is dedicated to promoting, supporting and encouraging international dialogue on space-based solar power through research, education and commercialization.

We will accomplish our mission by serving as a facilitator, enabling individuals, organizations and governments to engage in a dialogue that will transform our world view from one of isolated energy solutions to a comprehensive global system.

We are pleased to make public several presentations that were given at the recent International Symposium on Solar Energy from Space, held September 8-10, 2009 at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, Canada.
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ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes in the 2020 International Space Solar Power Student Competition

The 2020 International Space Solar Power Student Competition is an global, undergraduate and graduate level annual event sponsored by SPACE Canada, the International Astronautical Federation (IAF) Power Committee, National Space Society (NSS) among others, which is in its fourth year. The competition involves student team projects that address the sustainable and affordable new energy option of Space Solar Power (SSP). The event is staged in three rounds:

  1. Initial proposals and selection of project teams to participate in the competition (circa end of March).
  2. Presentations of initial project results by these semi-finalists in the late May or early June -- and selection of finalists. These semi-finalists projects have previously been presented at the International NSS Space Development Conference (ISDC).
  3. And, presentation of the finalists project results at the International Astronautical Congress Space Power Symposium, followed by selection of a winner for the year.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis around the world, the ISDC has been cancelled by the US-based National Space Society (NSS). As noted above, this venue had been planned as being where the first round of presentations and judging would be held for the 2020 International Space Solar Power Student Competition. However, the 2020 International Astronautical Congress is still planned to go forward in Dubai, UAE (in October 2020).

It is SPACE Canada's hope that the 2020 International Space Solar Power Student Competition can continue this year, but with essential adjustments in the implementation of the event due to the international situation. In particular, the revised plan is as follows:

  • Step 1 will take place as usual; proposals for 2020 student projects should be submitted by the end of March.
  • Step 2 will take place virtually, by means of ZOOM presentations by the semi-finalist student teams.
  • Step 3 will take place in-person for the selected finalist student teams at the IAC 2020 in Dubai. (This aspect of the plan obviously depends on the IAC going forward as planned, and for international travel to have returned to normal or near-normal by that time.)

If you would like to receive more information, please contact us at: .

For full details and rules guiding the Competition, see the 2020 announcement.

The deadline for submission of 2020 project team proposals is April 30, 2020.

Wireless Power Transmission Demonstration Project
One of the exciting sessions conducted at the International Symposium on Solar Energy from Space involved a demonstration of wireless power transmission. This demonstration utilized state-of-the-art solid state amplifiers in a retro-directive phased array system that beamed power with high efficiency across the Great Hall at the Ontario Science Centre.
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Day 1 - Just before Opening Session

SPACE Canada wishes to thank Kris Holland of Mafic Studios for his permission to use his beautiful images of solar power satellites in “From the Sun to the Earth”. We thank Kris for his generosity.