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To Boldly Go: The Urgent Need for a Revitalized Investment in Space Technology John Mankins
The Space Review
May 2009
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Space-Based Solar Power As an Opportunity for Strategic Security Report to the Director, National Security Space Office
October 2007
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Report of Workshop on Clean and Inexhaustible Space Solar Power at Unispace III Conference Nobuyuki Kaya, John Mankins, Bryan Erb, Didier Vassaux, Guy Pignolet, Dieter Kassing and Patrick Collins
May 2000
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A Technical Overview of the “Suntower” Solar power Satellite Concept John Mankins
August 1999
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A Fresh Look at Space Solar Power: New Architectures, Concepts and Technologies John C Mankins
IAF paper no IAF-97-R.2.03, 38th International Astronautical Congress. 1997
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