Biography - Iain Carson

Iain CarsonIain Carson

Business Writer
The Economist

Iain Carson is business writer at large for The Economist. Previously he was the Europe Business Editor 2006-2008. Before that he was Industry Editor from 1994, after rejoining the paper from BBC TV, where had been Business Correspondent. Earlier he was presenter and chief reporter for two Channel Four TV business programmes. He is a former business editor of The Observer. In his early career he worked in Paris for a Euro-magazine and, with McGraw-Hill and The Economist, in London.

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Quirks & Quarks

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Symposium Speakers

George Dietrich, President, SPACE Canada
John Mankins, CO-Chair, IAA Study Group
Nobuyuki Kaya, CO-Chair, IAA Study Group

International Policy Forum
Bob McDonald, Master of Ceremonies
Hon. John Milloy,
Marc Garneau

Dan Fortin, Key Note Speaker

PANEL: Space-Based Solutions to Earth-Bound Problems
Richard Peltier
Bryan Erb
Wael Almazeedi

PANEL: From Space Research to Commercialization
Ted Hewitt
Kieran Carroll
Robert Zee

PRESENTATION: Entrepreneurs in Space
Bob Richards

PANEL: Space Policy
John Siebert
Ram Jakhu

MEDIA PANEL: Political Will and
Public Perception

Peter Calamai
Stephen Strauss
Iain Carson
Alanna Mitchell