Results of the 2022-2023 Competition

The 2022-2023 results are as follows:

Winner: Takahiro Ohnishi, Shuji Higashigawa, Miki Kaneko, Takumi Horibe, Yumi Kawai, Tomu Matsutomo, Naoki Warigai, and Koji Tanaka

Tokyo University of Science, HOSEI University, Suwa University
Moon and Mars Solar Power Satellites (SPS) in Comparison to Earth SPS - Paper | Presentation

First Runner Up: Connor MacRobbie, Kyle MacRobbie, Jack Ehling, Anqi Wang, John Wen, and Jean-Pierre Hickey

University of Waterloo
Leveraging the use of Novel Lunar ISRU and ISRP Processes with Space Based Solar Power - Paper | Presentation

Second Runner Up: Mark Dunn, Peyton Burlington, Abdulbari Agboola, and Adam Nokes

University of Texas at Austin
Architecture Level Resource Optimization of Orbital Parameters, Propulsion Solutions, and Power Transmission Frequency for Space Solar Power System in Low Earth Orbit - Paper | Presentation

Third Runner Up: Megan Campbell, Rhys Anderson, and Urska Dawkins

Glasgow Caledonia University
An Investigation into the Challenges and Opportunities of Space-Based Solar Power and its Potential in Aiding the UK to Obtain Net Zero - Paper | Presentation
International Space Solar Power Competition 2022-2023: Semi-Finals

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